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This is the end...

The the chair person, Elke just sent a messege on WhatsApp: Friends of Partnership is comming to an end. She wrote:

"Hello together, greetings from my side and a short report about the the meeting of Friends of Partnership association "section" Germany, region Osnabrück. Yesterday we closed formally the association Friends of Partnership e.V.. After 18 years, this nessesary step was emotionally. Thanks to all member who were with us all the years. We remember those who are no longer with us. We did this thep because the tructure-members (chircuits and parishes) are working in their own structures. With the personal members, we faced a vontraqction of demand. So at last we had been at least only a few. So now, we all will concentrate our energy to our parish partnerships and look forward to the visit of our South African friends this European summer.

Thanks to all of you benefitting this part pf partnership work in the last 18 years, mainly Baba Duscha and Eckhard. The website will beclosed in the next weeks. The WhatsApp-Chat-Group is unique and heartly loved. So we will be able to go on with communication.

Greeting! Yours Elke Eilers (Chairlady)

At the end - the members send their greetings: Hamba gahle - Have a good way!
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