Appeal for donations: Corona emergency aid for survival in South Africa!

The partnership committees in the district and city of Osnabrück (Protestant Lutheran church with the circuit Bramsche, Melle-Georgsmarienhütte and Osnabrück together with "Friends of Partnership" call for a second donation campaign, "Corona Emergency Aid South Africa". This supports the partner parishes in South Africa in coping with the consequences of the global corona pandemic.
From September 14th to October 6th, 2020 we will collect donations, which will then be immediately transferred to South Africa!
We continue to hear from South Africa about the devastating effects of the corona pandemic. Dr. Joe Lüdemann, the representative of Ev.-luth Mission in Hermannsburg (Germany) in Durban, sums up the current situation as follows: “We need time. People are acutely threatened by hunger and they need strength to create new sources of income. The economic effects of the corona pandemic are serious. There have always been many unemployed, now the situation is devastating for many people. In addition, many people who have died of corona are buried in every community. Sometimes it affects large parts of a family. Our health system is on the verge. "
The patron, Dean Hannes Meyer-ten Thoren from Melle-Georgsmarienhütte circuit, says: “The social and economic consequences of the corona pandemic in South Africa are massive. We must not lose sight of our South African partners now. We have to show our energetic Christian action. "
We have also noticed that the donations we have collected so far are reaching the people. Here are the first positive results: (a selection)
In the Ekukhanyeni parish (Umfolozi parish), food parcels were distributed to the AIDS orphans. In this way, your food and that of your carers (grandparents, siblings) can be secured while the school is still closed.
In Matimatolo, food parcels were distributed to people so that basic food for a family of six can be secured for at least one month. This leaves people time to continue planning for spring, e.g. prepare the gardens for growing vegetables.
In KwaMashu, such food parcels were also given to those who have no way of securing their income.

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Food parcels in St. Boniface congregation, Christianenburg parish, Durban circuit

With the first appeal for donations, we have already achieved a lot. Those responsible in the parishes show us how important our support is.
Dean Solomon Dumakude (Umvoti circuit) writes: “I thank all donors in Germany for all the help you give us in this difficult situation. The situation here is very difficult. We need every sign of hope. "
Steven Chonco (Durban circuit Partnership Committee) says: “We are experiencing a difficult situation like never before. That's why I can't stop saying my gratitude for everything you do. Everything comes at the right time to the people who don't know what to do next. "
Mpume Luthuli (church leader in Umngeni circuit) describes how she experienced the distribution of food parcels in her community (Mpumalanga): “Those who are most in need experience a sign of hope. That brings tears to their eyes, as they learn that there are people in the world who they have not forgotten. "
We ask you to support this call for donations by Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 with your generous donation. This enables help so that those in need survive in spring / summer and develop plans to secure their income in the long term.
All donations are 100% (without deduction of additional costs) immediately transferred to South Africa and reach those in need there very quickly.
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