Back to his roots

36 yeHGMTT_1980ars after the young man (see photo) from Melle-Neuenkirchen parish had been participating in the first partnership youth meeting between the that-time Durban and Melle circuits, he is back to his roots.



HGMTT_4849That-time Hans Georg Meyer came back to Melle as the new dean of Melle-Geogsmarienhütte. Last Sunday, November 15th, 2015, Hans-Georg Meyer-ten Thoren was installed in a big afternoon service in Melle St. Petri church by the regional bishop, Dr. Birgit Klostermeier. (see photo)

Many friends of the family, from his last parish Wallenhorst (Osnabrück cHGMTT_4854ircuit) and representatives of all parishes of Melle-Georgsmaienhütte and representatives of the partner circuits Durban, Umngeni and Umvoti (Dean Nzama/Durban, Dean Dumakude/Umvoti and Deputy Dean/Umngeni) took place in the ceremony. Dean Nzama extended the greetings of all three partner circuits to the assembly with the assistance of Anke Meckfessel, chairlady of the Melle-Georgsmarienhütte circuit parternship committee. (see photo)




On Tuesday 17th November at 19.00 h, the delegates will meet partnership committee members from Melle-Georgsmarienhütte and Bramsche circuits for talks with the following topics:

  • News from the parish and circuit partnerships
  • Bursary fond and annual donation
  • Partnership meetings in 2016, especially partnership weeks in the cirucits of Osnabrück region.

In this meeting also friends of Pirna circuit will be present.


All photo by Eckhard Eilers

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