Be full of mercy, even as your Father is full of mercy

Bad Essen, January 3rd, 2021

Dear friends of the South African-German partnership work,

with the 2021 watch word, I would like to thank you for the many hours of voluntary work that have gone into the actions of the support of our Christian community. Those who found it difficult to help themselves and need our solidarity, they have our respect and solidarity.  I am not only just thinking of our friends in South Africa, who were very pleased with the financial resources with which they were able to alleviate concrete hardship in their communities. I also mean the time we/you have invested in our small association and in the support of the people in our communities and neighbourhoods.

We all have to learn new possibilities of contact and closeness. Perhaps some have also rediscovered the old forms of citing the daily watch word, writing letters and sending postcards. My little great-nephew is in class 3 d and wrote a letter to his great-grandfather. He reports that because of Corona he cannot play football but collect stamps. He asked his great grandfather to respond to him ?. Then he enthusiastically reports on the Christmas forest service. Only he alone with his parents and siblings. By this, the Christmas message has developed a new power. In this times of change, we need patience and creativity.

My new forms of religious practice may be experimental in terms of location and content. The watch word 2021 is an incentive for me. In any case, I would like to encourage those who are active to remain so. I would like to call out to all of us that we want to be merciful with the failures of the active. Despite our own weakness, despite failed attempts, despite impatience and rejection, despite the continuing and valid quality and hygiene standards that we may already be tired of.

Be full of mercy, even as your Father is full of mercy

(Luke 6:36)

With this in mind, I wish us all discipline, health, vitality, new closeness and mercy for our plans in 2021. Let us defy the ruthlessness of the virus and those who ignore or deny its dangers.

Sincerely, yours

Elke Eilers
Chairlady of Friends of Partnership e.V.

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