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More than 50 newly infected in one week in Osnabrück rural district

Today, the rural district of Osnabrück has exceeded the limit of 50 new infections (calculated per 100,000 inhabitants) within a week. The reason for this is the many infected people in one of our old people's homes in Bad Essen. But we now also have first infections at three of our schools in Bad Essen and Lintorf. This means that there might again be stricter restrictions on us citizens. We do not yet know whether it will affect the whole district, only the municipality of Bad Essen or only individual areas of the municipality.
Overall, the number of new infections in Germany is rising very sharply. Since our system of different responsibilities between the federal states and the Republic of Germany is somewhat complicated, there have been quite different regulations of the states, especially about the visit arrangements between the federal states. That is why the prime ministers of the 16 federal states are meeting today in Berlin with Chancellor Merkel to harmonise the rules for citizens. Of course, there are different rules for and against tougher ones (tourism, economy, high and low infection rates).
For downloading the map as pdf-file click here: 2020-10-14_map_cases_OS_0830_0

Eckhard Eilers, Bad Essen parish, October 14th, 2020

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