Pastor und Dean NkosiNathi Myaka consecrated as Bishop of ELCSA-SED

It have been big hours for a limited number of guests in the hall/church of the center of the South-East Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (ELCSA-SED) in Umpumulo., Countless witnesses watched the divine service for the introduction of the new Bishop of the ELCSA_SED via Youtube, Facebook or ZOOM on the screens scattered around the world.

Two years after the election of the popular candidate, which was annulled by the then presiding bishop of the ELCSA, after grueling disputes in the ELCSA, which had to be carried out in the state courts, after suspensions of deans and pastors, Nkosinathi Myka was re-elected as bishop five weeks ago in the first ballot by the members of the Synod of the ELCSA-SED. Today he was introduced to his ministry in a festive divine service.



Friends of Partnership e.V., together with many companions, congratulates a long-time friend and companion on this high office.

If you want to watch the whole divine service, you can do so on YouTube:


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